Daryl Crockett, CEO of ValidDatum, will be speaking at the International Data Quality Summit in Baltimore, MD, October 11-15, 2015.

  Her topics include: 

The Role and Benefits of Data Validation in Supply Chain Optimization

  •  An information-packed tutorial on the fundamental principles of information and data quality for preparation for ISO 8000 MDQM Certification and/or to gain a better understanding of emerging global corporate trends in cataloging, and master data quality and validation. ISO 8000 is the recognized international standard for measuring data quality. It is responsible for defining quality data as “portable data that meets requirements”. What exactly does this mean and how can you use ISO 8000 to measure the quality of your data? Better still how can ISO 8000 help you improve the quality of your data and how can you use ISO 8000 to get better quality data from your trading partners?  This is a tutorial on the fundamental principles of information and data quality in general and specifically as they apply to master data. This tutorial covers the curriculum required for certification by ECCMA as an ISO 8000 Master Data Quality Manager (MDQM). It will also teach you how to build a corporate dictionary and how to create the all important data requirements that you can use to measure and improve the quality of your master data.

ISO 8000 Data Quality Certification Workshop

  • While there is much focus these days on data quality rules and technological solutions for master data governance, we will explore a rarely discussed (but highly beneficial) practice of external validation of buy-side supply chain master data. In this session, we will do a deep dive into the specifics of:

            — Distinguishing between internal and external validation and the best indicated use of each
            — Understanding the different methods, costs and benefits of external and third-party supply chain master data validation
            — Review of a phased data governance implementation plan approach which includes data validation

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