Privacy Policy

Protecting information transmitted via the internet is criticial and we remain diligent in maintaining privacy.

Affiliated websites and corrspondance made through email, forms and social media, adheres to required and suggested legal practices.

In order to maintain the best possible service, we may process information, which may involve managing, maintaining and processing personal information in a lawful way.

By visiting this website and engaging in form completion, research or other related activities, you consent to allowing us to collect information as described above.

Information that may be collected includes details volunteered or provided directly, observations of how you interact to our Services or online.


Cookies and similar technologies

As with most websites, we use "cookies," which help determine such details as visitor origin and other personal features, time engaged on our website, domain, and other aspects that indicate how best to improve User Experience.


Cookies are not able to facilitate programs or initiate or support virus delivery.

Cookies may be used for: Storing or recalling User preferences, location, language or other such relevant information. Cookies may also be used to identify or same information used for targeted advertising, device recognition, pages visited and other information related to each individual Visitor or User. We may also use cookies to provide site analytics and support general convenience for Visitors.